Ukhwah Day KS IX

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assalamualaikum .
on the previous 19th June 2011,
Kembara Sufi committees had successfully conducted an
UKHWAH DAY event at UTP Lake 
the main objective of this event is 
to create bonding among the committees itself.
the event is participated

by 28 committees of Kembara Sufi itself
consists of :
17 muslimin
11 muslimat

the event was started at 8.00 a.m 
all the committees is divide into a few groups
around 8.30 a.m ,  first module takes place
in this first module. the committees were given a bunch of rope and a pipelines with 1.00m length each
and we are required to connect all the pipelines and set it up.
it was such an exciting moment once we want to set the pipelines up !
even at the end, the pipelines went down.
at 10.30 am, we started our Explorace.
all the groups are compulsory to fill in their task in all four checkpoint.
the earliest group that managed to finish all the task will be the winner
even the weather was a bit hot during Explorace takes place
but all the committees was very happy.
after the wrapped up session by our Project Manager , Mr.Faiz Suhaimi,
the event come to an end.



the bond were made .
alhamdulillah ..

stay tuned for our next exciting event

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