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salam and hi to all !
this entry will mainly focused about one of the performers in KEMBARA SUFI IX
that will be held in Universiti Teknologi Petronas on becoming 29 of July 2011.
for the tickets, kindly click here
so, we proudly bring to you one of the most well-known nasheed band in Malaysia.


okay. back to the topic.
NOWSEEHEART is a group of musicians and active singers in Malaysia and ensconce under MORADZ TRADING AND ANUGERAH ENTERTAINMENT.
and most of their songs is delivered in Malays.

this group members consists of :
azahari as the team leader

this group is officially started since 1988 till now.
in 23 years of involvement as singers whom bring nasheed as their main genre,
5 albums have been published!

Wahyu Pertama(1998)

Berjalan, Melihat dan Mentafsir (2002)

Selawat 10 Hajat (2005)

Jalan Sehala (2005)

Kembali (2011)

this nasheed group which familiar with the song entitled 'Damai Yang Hilang' will perform live in UTP!
yes! only in UTP !
grab the opportunities with RM8 only!

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